Monday, December 12, 2011

Countdown to Christmas - Decorating our Tree

On the Friday after Christmas Reese basically asked non-stop when we'd decorate the tree until we brought it up from the basement and did it!

In the past the boys were not particularly interested in the decorating process. I was afraid they'd break ornaments so we put a minimal number of them on tree and up high.
This year they both loved it and wanted to participate, so they put on almost all of the ornaments themselves.
That means there were tons of ornaments down low, packed together on branches and like kinds grouped together. Normally I'd spread my 12 wooden candy canes around evenly across the tree. But the boys wanted them super close together like the candy canes above.
We put the breakable ornaments up high, so it looks relatively evened out.
Both Reese and Gus love the tree. It's in the living room this year where they both can see it from their beds. After a month of going to sleep by tree light we'll see if they'll go back to sleeping in mostly dark.

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

I love their Santa hats while they decorate. We have breakables up high here too, and it took me years to get over where the kids put the ornaments and how they clumped them up. Funny how now it looks sweet and perfect like that...

You should think about putting tiny trees in their rooms next year. My kids LOVE this!! I know Reese and Gus would too :-).