Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Morning at Our House

When Reese came into our room in the middle of the night I said I didn't know if it was a good idea because Santa may not come if the prep and landing guys didn't see him in his bed. He assured me it was fine because Santa "already just came!" Then he went back to sleep until about 9am, when we got up and started opening presents.
Of course, Santa knows the Benza boys love their PEZ. They each got a new Christmas PEZ dispenser and PEZ refills in their stockings.
Reese got a Marvel umbrella and Gus got a Thomas the train umbrella. I really hope the open umbrella indoors equals bad luck is fake because otherwise we're in for a LONG time of bad luck.
Gus was so excited opening his presents this year. He got a super cool Imaginext crane truck and Elmo guitar that he loved.
I was able to get some photos of actual expressions...
....unlike Reese's gritted teeth "cheese" pose that you can see here. He was overjoyed with his new BatCave but you can't tell by this goofy smile. He was really excited to get the bat boat, bat mobile with lights and catwoman toys that went along with the cave.
Tara was pretty happy with her scratching post. The boys found it hysterical when she actually demonstrated her scratching technique.
Reese really liked the concept of his eukele when I told him he could learn with Grandad who has a new guitar. He was pretty mad that he couldn't instantly play it well.
Way back Gus almost opened the Amazon box holding Grandpop's present. Yes, the brown amazon box you normally need scissors to open. He got all but the last inch of tape while I was in the shower one day. They spent several weeks wondering what was inside the blue bag! They got a huge set of Wedgits!
But Gus was also really happy with the "fort" holding Grandpop's present.
After all the presents were opened we had chocolate peppermint pancakes for breakfast!
When we were all done Reese was about jumping out of his skin when he told me "I really like Christmas! I want some more Christmas!" That worked out well because the boys spent a few hours playing with all their new stuff before we headed out to Kyle's parents' house for Christmas Eve dinner...and more presents.

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JessieLeigh said...

I LOVE that pic of Reese with the ukelele (I know I probably spelled that wrong-- sorry!). That is such a classic expression. :)