Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we headed over to my parents' house for more presents and Christmas dinner.
By now both Reese and Gus have this gift opening thing down pat.
Reese got the Crime Fighter Headquaters he's been asking for since before Halloween.
These planes are something we bought ages ago and put away, then Mimi bought them too so we took ours back. He's been really excited about planes for awhile and these do cool tricks.
Reese insisted on bringing home his new Captain America suit even though I suggested he keep it at Mimi's since we have a suit at home, but this one has red and white vertical stripes over the ab muscles and he "needed" it at home too.
Again they got hoards of stuff. In addition to the suit and crime fighter headquarters Reese got some Eeboo games and a soccer ball and "Chill Out Scooby Doo", the movie he's been wanting for about 6 months and a Pirates of the Caribbean ship. He's super excited about that. Gus got Magna-Trucks, pattern blocks, a puzzle, animal counters, a sprig truck, a giant teddy bear and they both got fleece blankets Mimi made for them.
We ate so much over the past two days. Both Kyle and I felt sick from eating too much sweet dessert (chocolate mousse from his mom, pecan pie from mom). We need to do a sugar detox to survive our holiday food intake!!
The boys had so much fun. After all the Christmas gift opening was over Reese announced "now that Christmas is over we can buy toys again!" I've been telling him since early October we couldn't buy toys because Christmas was coming and we needed to wait and see what he got. He's totally ready to buy more now. He totally snowed that Santa whose lap he sat on by asking for a silver crayon. That guy had no idea what a greedy consumer that child is! He does love that silver crayon Santa brought though. Mommy loves the other 149 colors!

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