Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Break - Children's Museum

On Wednesday we headed south to the Children's Museum in Olympia. Something we didn't really think through was that lots of people were on vacation, so it was a mad house. Gus took awhile to warm up to playing this time since he was so overwhelmed by all the people.
We headed over to the grocery area first. Gus overloaded his basket with a bunch of fruits and veggies.
Reese kept his basket a little less full. Here he's waiting for Daddy to ring up his purchases.
Then we headed over to the theater and veterinarian clinic. The boys sold us some tickets.
Reese pretended to be a dog.
They spent lots of time in the gears area. They built a ball run with Daddy and had a so much fun I had time to browse the gift shop.
Gus loves driving the truck in the construction section.
Reese and Gus had a great time. They were very excited to play with everything with their Dad.