Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Reese decided to be Spiderman quite some time ago. I was afraid he'd change his mind before Halloween arrived. But everyday he looked at it hanging on the hanger and excitedly told me Spiderman would be his Halloween suit! He was very happy to finally get to wear it!
Showing off his muscles
We went trick or treating door to door for the first time this year. Last year we went to the mall. I didn't realize there was a designated time so we went early and only about 4 stores has their candy ready. He was 2 1/2 and didn't really know the difference. We liked it since it was inside with lights and no rain. Everyone could easily see how cute he was!
Gus can't say Trick or Treat, but he sure could swing that pumpkin in anticipation of candy being dropped in
The year Reese wore this blue monster suit we just put it on and did all of errands for the day. He wore his suit for about 10 hours and saw all sorts of people, but we didn't actually trick or treat. We weren't sure how Gus would do. He loved wearing his costume though and was very excited to be handed candy from everyone he saw!
We started out at Gigi and Grandad's house. We trick or treated then we just hung out for a bit before heading over to my friend Shannon's parents' house.
Arriving at Shannon's parents' house to trick or treat
We had pizza and salad at their house before heading out. Once the trick or treaters started at their door we hustled to get our costumes back off and head out the door. We got this group shot below first. You can see Gus is already trying to get candy out of his collection pumpkin.
Gus, Shannon's son the fireman, Reese, Shannon's son the astronaut
Gus had a great time. He loved grabbing candy from everyone. He ate quite a few pieces right through the wrapper.
The boys all wanted to ring the doorbell so a number of houses got 3 rings while we were waiting on the porch. Luckily they were so cute no one seemed to mind.
Then they they literally raced to the next house! They had a blast! I was really surprised how much fun Reese had. I suspect he'll be very disappointed when he figures out this only happens once a year.
This was one hosue with particularly cute decoration.
Once we got home we were tuckered out. It was pretty exhausting walking up and down all the hilly driveways!! Gus decided to try out the brand new Halloween quilt I finished earlier today in the nick of time!
The back is haunted houses and the front is a variety of pieced squares with strips of a purple Halloween scene alternated.
This is our merely 12th percentile chubby wubby.


JessieLeigh said...

Your boys look adorable! You're so very talented with all your quilting projects. When did you start quilting?

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I'm going back through your blog now looking at your quilts:-). I am very excited and very intimidated at the thought of learning to quilt this year. It is a lifeskill for the "ambitious" in our curriculum. I have dreamed of making quilts since I was Hanna's age so I figure what a great time to learn alongside her:-). I hope I can do this Heather!

Your quilts and quilting skills are AMAZING! How special to have these as heirlooms for your children.