Sunday, October 10, 2010

15 Month Well Baby Check Up

Gus had his 15 month old well baby appointment last week. He weighed 21 pounds 10 ounces. He soared from 2nd% to 12th% for weight. He is now 31 inches tall which is 44th% for height. Our pediatrician recently switched to electronic records which produces exact numbers for the percentiles. Pretty cool.
Technically Gus is not saying enough words or walking, etc. etc. He officially qualifies for a referral to Holly Ridge for services, but the pediatrician said she thinks the requirements are a little too hard. She thinks he's fine and we do too. She's confident that he'll score where he should on the 18 month questionnaire.
Gus is healthy and happy. He says "hi" and "dada." Kyle says when I leave the room he says "mama," but I haven't heard it. He walks about 10 steps max. He prefers to crawl when he's in a hurry. He loves to eat--everything, not picky at all. On 10/10/10 he had his first M&Ms and I must say they may be his new favorite food.
Gus absolutely loves to do whatever Reese is doing. He wants to play with Reese's toys all the time. When Reese takes one of his toys away Gus shrieks an ear bleeding shriek. It is funny the first time or two, then it makes my ears bleed. Reese is getting a little better about sharing his superhero toys. Gus loves whipping up everyone's shirts to find their belly buttons which he thinks is hysterical. he also finds the cat endlessly amusing.
He is such a sweet, cute butterball! We can not believe our baby is not really a baby anymore. It feels like the past 15 months have gone by in about 6 months. I could just kiss he chubby cheeks all day long!


JessieLeigh said...

Way to grow, Gus!! :) What amazes me is that our G is 3 oz heaver than him, but in the 42nd % for weight. I guess there's a significant difference between girls and boys! :)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Well, you know my Jesse isn't talking yet either. He says Kitty Cat and that's about it.

You are so lucky that Gus is a good eater. Jesse won't eat anything, nothing! I had to put him back on baby food this week because he is just not eating enough to get proper nutrients from table food. Big, big sigh....

I hope Gus's 18 month check-up goes very well.