Friday, October 22, 2010

Gus is Really a Big Boy Now

I have been struggling all week to get a video loaded. It just won't go....grrr....but I'll keep trying. In the meantime:
Gus officially walks more than he crawls now. He still does his fast as a bullet crawl when he needs to go somewhere with purpose. If he has the time, though, he will take a leisurely stroll everywhere. Today at Reese's speech therapy he walked back and forth across the room a zillion times putting toys one at a time into the game cupboard. Once he turned his back I'd slip the toy out of the cupboard and put it back on the table so he could repeat. Then he'd bend his head back and forth looking in the cupboard trying to figure out where it went. It was quite amusing and kept him from interrupting Reese for a solid 10 minutes (that's a record for him).


JessieLeigh said...

Can't wait to see him walk! Doesn't it make them seem so much older??? G. never actually crawled... she did a funky booty scoot at mach speed. Ha! She walks (or runs) everywhere now and I MISS that booty scoot...

Our Homeschool Fun said...

This is awesome Heather! I know you are SO SO proud! So, is he getting into more? Mine get into stuff once they can get around, so walking never made it worse.

FYI, I always upload my vidoes to photobucket first, then I copy and paste the HTML coding from photobucket into blogger like you do for the amazon widget. I've never been able to get Blogger's video upload feature to work.