Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bicycle Built for 4

Vacationing at Eaglecrest resort in Oregon while Kyle recuperates.
We decided to try something new..biking with the boys. It is so hot down here! It's crazy! I had no idea Oregon's weather was so different from ours.
The boys really enjoyed riding...they giggled a lot in the beginning. I think they thought it was pretty funny that Gigi and Granddad were chasing behind them on their own bikes.
Gus's helmet was almost too much for him to hold up since the seat back was right where the little pointy part juts out. Kyle had to hold his head up so the camera could see his face.
We had to take his helmet off, but couldn't get him to keep his shades on.
He finally tuckered out and went to sleep. Reese was not happy to have his space invaded. He kept elbowing Gus off of his arm/shoulder area until eventually Gus ended up totally slouched in half. It was pretty fun though. Even though it's hot there was a pretty nice breeze and both grown ups are pedaling so it makes it a little easier for the non-athletic.

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

Too bad it was hot, but that bike looks fun, and Gus passed out in that last picture is hilarious!

I'm glad y'all got away for such a fun vacation. Trips are always such a nice break.