Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

Is it really bad that we went pumpkin picking at Safeway? I pick up Reese from school no later than 3:45pm and Kyle gets done work at 4pm. It takes approximately 4 minutes to get to our house from school, so when Kyle was recovering from surgery I felt like we may as well swing by the gate and pick him up so he doesn't have to walk the whole way home. Now Reese feels it should be the everyday habit. I figured we'd swing by the Safeway to pick pumpkins instead of killing time in the car.
Reese as Hulk vs. Pumpkins

The boys had just as much fun and there was no mud! We'll still go to a pumpkin farm but for now this worked for us.

Gus was really so excited to play amongst the pumpkins. He seemed amazed to be in a sea of pumpkins.
Reese had a hard time choosing. He liked this one for a moment, but decided against it. Gus really studied how Reese tried to lift the pumpkin.
trying to hoist

Gus squatted right down and really strained to hoist his pumpkin. I could not get him to keep at it long enough in a row to get a photo. He'd let go right as I was taking the photo and then try to hoist again while my camera wasn't ready yet. But trust me it was hilarious!


JessieLeigh said...

I love that shot of Reese trying to heft the pumpkins! They are both so cute. And I think Safeway is a perfectly reasonable place to pick out your punkins! :) (What happened to the ones you were growing, anyway?)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I would have loved to see Gus hefting those pumpkins!

A pumpkin is a pumpkin whether it came from a "patch" or a store. We "picked" ours from Walmart this year:-). We've never gotten our pumpkins from the farms we visit--way too overpriced, you know?!