Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Baby Became a Big Boy...sniff

Daddy wanted to cut Gus' hair ages ago and I finally gave in. He had his first haircut October 18, 8 days before his 16 month birthday.
Here is Gus before the haircut began. You can clearly see the stringy straight over the ear pieces. (But the very back is cute curls right after his bath!!!)He sat pretty well on Daddy's lap and watched what she was doing.
Sometimes he wasn't too sure if he liked what was happening, but mostly he seemed perfectly at ease. In this picture you can really see all the new growth coming in under his current bangs. I sure hope he doesn't get stuck with my super fine hair.
His hair was longer than we realized. It seemed like she actually cut quite a bit....we have an envelope of hair for his book.
Reese got his haircut too. he uses the plastic face shield to protect his eyes from falling hairs. he has quite a fit if any hair pieces gets on his skin. Finally it seems like his hair is getting to a point where the cowlicks are weighed down a bit. Poor guy has 2 biggies right in front.
I guess I need a better shot of the finished hairdo. This one makes it hard to see the transformation from sweet chubby cheeked baby into a big boy. I hate how a haircut just makes them seem like they've grown up so much!
Even if he is an awfully cute big boy.


The White House said...

cute pics! thanks for sharing yoru big boy!!! nice shield there!

JessieLeigh said...

So cute! What a good boy he was- I know some little ones freak out at that first hair cut. And, well, I have to say that's one of the perks with a girl.. you can delay that first cut for a very, very long time. ;)

Dorothy said...

so so cute...

Our Homeschool Fun said...

So sweet Heather! OK, I am cracking up at the shield. Joe would love one of those at his hair trims!