Sunday, September 19, 2010

Letter C

Reese is 42 months (39 corrected)

We took a bunch of letter C stuff on vacation with us and never pulled it out. We didn't even read any books! We actually spaced this C stuff out quite a bit because it seemed like we always had a lot of other stuff going on. We started off using the do a dot markers to make both a capital and lowercase letter c. Reese loves these markers.
I got downloaded these from Me and Marie Learning. I have seen them on several websites though.
Reese used his crayola markers to color in the C with as many colors as he could. He really spent a lot of time coloring with both crayons and markers during this letter C period.
Gluing the c words on remains his favorite part. He also added c stickers.

We tried some celery with peanut butter for a snack. It was ill-received.
We used the lacing cards also from Me and Marie, but not for lacing. I laminated and then cut it out, but I was in a hurry before vacation so I didn't punch the holes. When we pulled it out to use I decided to use our little shape counters from the Target dollar bin.
Reese just placed them on the letters to follow the shape. He was very concerned about finding enough in matching colors to fill the letters.
We did some workbook pages about colors. He had to circle the items of a designated color. This was the pink page.
He practiced his pincher skills with the clothes pins. This came from Me and Marie Learning. He has to locate the C and place the clothes pin on it.

We worked on ice cream cone counter discs with the clothes pins as well as the counter shapes. I'm afraid to let him use beans because I think Gus will come steal them and eat them all.
Reese picked carrots from our garden and we made beef stew with them.
Reese really enjoyed making this crabby C from Totally Tots Now I know my abcs.
We were disappointed to find our library didn't have the clumsy crab book this craft was based on, but it was a fun craft anyway.

Reese also made a caterpillar. He painted half an egg carton green and added a little pink (for flair?), added some googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae....
and took that caterpillar for a walk across the table.

He worked on some counting caterpillars we downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We also used the Color matching and upper/lowercase matching caterpillar puzzles. Several of my photos this time are totally visible in my storage area on the computer, but when I try to use them most of it is grayed out. Photoshop says it's corrupted or something---very annoying as it appears to have loaded in my computer, so how am I to know? Now I feel like I can't delete photos from camera until they have been successfully used/printed. grrr...
Also corrupted were the photos of the play doh mats we used. He molds the play doh into the shape of the letter.
We found a cool pack of different style paint brushes at walmart. One of the options is a foam dauber. He tried it out on this crab mask we got on sale for $1 at Joanne's early in the summer.
He had lots of fun giggling behind this mask and chasing Gus around. Gus didn't really get the whole mask concept so the amusement was one sided.

These are the books we read:

He really enjoys showing daddy what he made! He races to his door as soon as daddy is home to tell him all about his creations. Of course this time he had two 3 dimensional crafts that couldn't hang on the wall.

Overall Reese really seems to be enjoying doing all his letter projects.
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Our Homeschool Fun said...

I like the way you are displaying his alphabet creations on his door. I bet he is excited to show his daddy.

I love all the "C" things he made. I saw your Do A Dot kit--I have got to get that!

I LOVE the expression on Reese's face with the celery--HILARIOUS!