Monday, September 6, 2010

Bouncy House

On Saturday we went to the Blackberry Festival. It's the usual booths, vendors, music. They had a whole parking lot dedicated to bouncy house toys and a kid rock climbing wall.Reese tried out the obstacle course first.
He went through MANY times. He loved it and really could not get enough.
Next he tried out the caterpillar. It was a long tub with little obstacles inside and then you got out by going down a slide. Along the side were plastic windows so we could see in like this:
They also had little air vent holes so I stuck my camera to get a shot of:
Gus went in too! It was a little rough in there once a bunch of bigger kids got in. I did get a little anxiety that he was sometimes face down on these pointy things for what seemed like too long. In the photo below you can see the black circle outlining a vent hole. Next to it is a vertical green strip. That's an emergency exit zipper. I kept my cool and let Gus stay inside.
He had a blast!
Once he realized we could look in the hole at him he kept coming back to get us.
This was the exit. You have to climb the ladder to go down the slide to get out. I was hoping the bigger kids would go up calmly and then Gus would get the idea and follow. But they were all wild and crazed. Gus didn't really get to watch it be done and he never even attempted to climb it. So in the end we did have to unzip it in order to get him out.
Both boys really had a great time. We need to find an indoor facility that has these so we can go whenever we want. Anyone know of such a place?


Julie said...

In Omaha! In fact, I have bought two Groupons for two different places around here. Looks like a great time! have you made any blackberry jam this summer?

My Family My Forever said...

OMG these are some fun pictures! I LOVE bounce houses! My favorite pic is the one of Gus almost touching the camera with that absolutely huge, adorable smile on his face!