Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st day of School

Ugh, we've been dreading it all summer. School began today. Last week the the teacher called and asked if we'd switch to the pm class. I was seriously dreading the struggle to get up, all of us ready amid the struggle to get dressed and in the car, while Reese shouted "no school" at 8:15am, especially since we've been getting up about 9:30 everyday. So I gladly granted the request to move to the afternoon.Reese's inclusion class is our city special ed program combined with headstart. So there is a special ed teacher and 2 aides as well as a headstart teacher and 1 aide. We also have 2 volunteer "grandpas" from the community usually in the class. Headstart doesn't start until next week so today and Thursday we go from 12:45-3:30, next week we go 4 days a week starting at 12:15. Reese picked his cubby to hang his new Buzz backpack and his jacket.
He remembered the routine---play with the legos while waiting for the bus kids to arrive. I'm still too afraid to do the bus. We'll see how this goes with the napping situation. Gus usually naps about 11:30 or 12pm. Since Reese has to be dropped off at 12:15 I plan to keep gus awake and hope he doesn't fall asleep in the car then let him nap when we get home, while Reese is in school. This means I'll have the time to actually get something done. We'll see.....
He almost instantly told me I could go (such a difference from last year when he wanted me to stay forever!). I waited awhile until the aides got there so the teacher wasn't the only adult. She's new and I don't know her, so ....I don't know I feel like just because you are a teacher doesn't mean I can automatically trust you. I guess I'm a little freaky.
He was so intent on his dry erase and chalk board drawings. After this the aides arrived so Gus and I hurried home to nap. He did not nap well. He normally sleeps a solid 3 hours. he was in the bed for about 2 hours but he was very restless. I heard lots of rustling and babbling. Of course he was kind of cranky later. So....we need to iron out the schedule.
Reese reported he had fun on the slide and he ate cheese, so that's all I know. They pinned something to his rain jacket which punched holes in it...grr....but I think it went well.


JessieLeigh said...

Wowsers- 3 hours is a long nap! If he adjusts to the new schedule, that'll give you a good chunk of time to get things accomplished. :) G sleeps about 2 hours at her nap... and from about 7:45 pm to 7:30-ish AM. Glad Reese is so comfortable at his school- that's half the battle. :) We use the bus- and have for coming up on 3 years. :) I cried buckets the first day, but it's just old-hat at this point!

My Family My Forever said...

You aren't freaky, I am so overly protective!

I think it's great that he was so ready and willing to stay!!

My Family My Forever said...

Forgot this, I hope you are able to work something out with Gus's naps, I know how hard that can be.