Friday, September 10, 2010

Cat Crackers

Gus has his goldfish crackers on the stool. He's just snacking away. By the way his new thing is he takes these stools and scoots them all around the kitchen like a push toy.Here the chunky monkey (can you believe those cheeks are only 2nd percentile?) is dropping a cracker on the floor all sly.
There's Tara squeezing in behind him to get the crackers.
She's gobbling as fast as she can and he is on a mission.
To get cracker crumbs and slobber on my camera lens!


JessieLeigh said...

Gus is so stinkin' cute. And I love little ones in footie jammies. They're the best. ;) I bet your kitty thinks he rocks! I have to smile at any of your "chunky" comments about him though... our G fills the legs of these jammies like little stuffed sausages! Ha!

My Family My Forever said...

Heather, he is adorable, and, no, I cannot believe those chunky little cheeks are only 2nd percentile!!