Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pitiful Bounty

This summer had kind of a late start followed by a mix of excruciating record breaking heat and no sun days. I think this is to blame for my utter failure of a garden this year. Even my zucchini died. In the past, like everyone else, we've had more zucchini than humans can consume. My tomato plants and bean plants have always over grown. This year my bean plant is literally about 1 foot tall.
I have been diligently picking and freezing each full sized bean since early August in hopes of collecting enough to make one dinner's veggie side dish. So far I have enough for one adult. I'm sure Reese would gladly make the sacrifice, but I was hoping he'd be more inclined to eat it if he picked it himself.

The plant isn't dead so I'm still hoping we'll get enough for all of us to eat beans once this year.
Next year I think I'll have to do some extra soil prep and rotate my crops. I think I'll grow my seeds indoors for longer as well. Hopefully a little tweaking will give us an improvement over this year pitiful crops.


JessieLeigh said...

I feel you. :( My zucchini looked great and then got hit with powdery mildew. It's on my cantaloupe vines now too and I'm just crossing my fingers that they make it. My cherry tomato plant thrived, but my full-size only produced 4 or 5. Ah, well... maybe we'll both have better luck next year! (That bean Gus is holding looks HUGE... or is the camera angle?)

My Family My Forever said...

Oh Heather, that sucks. You know, even my dad's garden didn't do as well as he'd hoped and he worked his tail off in it before planting and during. Let's just blame it on this year's sucky weather:-) and hope for better next summer!