Monday, September 13, 2010

Learnin' on the Laptop

Reese got this laptop as a gift from grandma for his birthday or Christmas. Now that Gus has shown some interest in playing with it Reese has been using it everyday. He's a non-sharing little turd. But he is getting really excited about the letters and likes typing letters he knows. He typed MMYY and told me it was Mommy!! I was pretty excited!
Gus thinks it's fun too.
Reese was actually willing to share for once and tried to show him stuff.
They were really working hard on something long enough for me to notice...the missing little people farm animals stuffed in the sub-woofer!! See that pink back there in the hole? That's a pig. There's a sheep too.


JessieLeigh said...

Ooh, that sub-woofer looks like a great hiding spot! :) No wonder the pig and sheep like to play in there...

My Family My Forever said...

I've wondered about these laptops for about a year now. Are you still liking it?

That is super how Reese spelled Mommy!!

Love the pictures of the two of them together, so sweet.