Monday, August 3, 2009

Gus is 5 Weeks Old!

Wow it sure is going by fast. Reese was at the UW NICU for 6 weeks before transferring to our local hospital and it felt like a lifetime. Gus is already 5 weeks old and it felt like a nanosecond!! He is an eating machine! He's growing fast---he's filling out his newborn onesies, something Reese never quite did.
Reese finds Gus quite amusing. He makes tons of funny noises, namely giant loud "toots." Reese loves to give the baby kisses. He is smackinig him a lot less too. Still I'm not leaving them alone together in a room which makes it difficult to get much done!

Tuesday morning I saw the urologist then that afternoon I went to the hypertension clinic at UW. I have lots of little kidney stones that hopefully will pass on their own. I got a liquid that is supposed to help disolve them and another drug (flomax) to do something to help them pass. BUT requires "pumping and dumping" which really is just too much, so I decided not to take the flomax. I also got on the surgery schedule for lythotrypsy--not sure how to spell---basically sound waves break up the one BIG stone that I have. Then at the hypertension clinic I got a new BP drug, Lisinopril that is an ACE inhibitor which may conflict with the dissolve the kidney medicine. I found out my perinatologist has had lots of kidney stones, but he got the "basket" surgery instead of what I'm getting. I put in a call to the urologist to find out why he picked the option he did instead of the basket method.
Since the hypertension guy is also my perinatologist I talked to him about the flomax and decided to take it--and still breast feed. 3 more stones have passed since I started taking it on Wednesday. By Friday my BP was not down--still 170s over 90s. SO....they added a third drug--nyefedipin--not sure of spelling. It gave me a ferocious headache the first time I took it but yesterday I took it with tylenol and it seems to be helping. AND my BP is creeping down. So this may be the right cocktail to fix my issues. Hopefully my BP just goes back to normal so I can dump the drugs all together!

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