Sunday, August 9, 2009


Seriously we are going to have to put a can out to collect coins towards our medical costs this year! Reese went to the eye doctor this week. He goes every 6 months----not sure why it's not once a year---and he needs a new prescription! We just bought $200 glasses in February! There are such limited options in his tiny size. The only place that carries his size doesn't take our insurance. GRRR....... Here's the cutie in his post-dilation sun glasses. He thought they were pretty cool and he was super cooperative this visit. This was really the first time he could take direction about what to do and he actually listened!

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JessieLeigh said...

Our little girl seems to need a new prescription every time we go to the eye doctor. It's ridiculous! Thankfully, if it's six months or less, our optical shop will swap the lenses for free. I just feel fortunate that she keeps them ON now. That was the worst- shelling out major money and having her take them off constantly! :)

Reese looks super cool (and cute!) in his sunglasses!