Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catch Up time

SO I've been a bit of a slacker keeping up with my blogging. Really I've checked email and paid bills and that's pretty much it for quite sometime. The last few days I got caught up on facebook and I'm now finally going to get some photos up.
Reese has formed some new habits in the past couple of weeks. He LOVES to drink out of his own coffee cup. This is actually the cup and saucer to my Longaberger dishes he just doesn't get the saucer. This started with a smidge of coffee--Daddy was hoping to get to drink his coffee somewhat undisturbed. But Reese really likes his coffee so continues to beg for Dad's coffee anyway. He also drinks his water out of this cup now.
He also insists on a regular grown up dinner plate. That's his egg remnants on a butternut colored Longaberger plate.
It makes him quite happy.

Here's Gus in a cute summer golf pants suit--his expression seems to show he thinks it's sissified.

Here he is hanging out on the boppy. He likes to be propped up so he can look around.

Gus turns 6 weeks old! This is the first day of wearing 3 month old sized sleepers.

He wants to get the show on the road. Once he decided it's time to eat--it is time!Gus turns 7 weeks old!He sure is chunkier than his brother was!!!


Julie said...

Heather, Gus is so cute!! He has wonderful complexion and just the cutest little face and features! And he's an eater! Love it!

Wendy Ferrell said...

Reese has really grown up...his face looks so much more mature!!! Gus is a little cutie-pie too:)