Monday, August 17, 2009

menu plan monday

Wow has it been a LONG time since we had a menu plan. June 29-July 13 we had most of our meals provided by friends and family. The next week my Dad visited and we mostly ate out. Then my kidney stones happened and the last 3 weeks have been pretty hit or miss, in fact I don't even know what we ate most of the time because Kyle fed Reese while I tried to sleep. The narcotics helped my kidney stone pain, but that paired with Gus' constant night time nursing has kept me pretty exhausted. Last weekend we got back in a groove. We had:
*Ham, individual potato gratins, brussell sprouts
*pizza Kyle's parents
*chicken tetrazini from the freezer
*chicken and rice (mushroom sauce) and brussell srouts
*Red Lobster
*pork chops, rice and peas with my parents
and I guess one day we didn't eat???
This week I'm planning again:
Monday: pizza bagels ----brush minced garlic on bagel, cover with tomato sauce mixed with oregano and Italian seasoning, sprinkle with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni
Tuesday: cheeseburgers on the grill, potato salad, green salad (trying a new lettuce thing from costco since since spinach is on my anti-kidney stone list)
Wednesday: stacked enchiladas----put together like a lasagna, tortilla, chicken, black beans, corn, cream cheese, diced green chillies, green enchilada sauce, shredded cheddar cheese. This is a meal from my friend Jennica during baby week that we will recreate. My friend Anya used the green sauce in regular rolled enchiladas and we loved it, so we're meshing the two recipes.
Thursday: Italian style lasagna with spinach (I'll drink extra water to counter balance it) in the ricotta layer and ground sausage in the sauce layer. I do not pre-boil my noodles and I do not buy special noodles--just use more sauce than when you pre-boil.
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: egg rolls, fried rice

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My kidney stone surgery was successful--the biggie was blasted into sand like particles that i have so diligently been collecting---fun times! I go back to the urologist on the 1st to turn in my particles for analysis. Then I'll do a 24 hour urine collection for a metabolic study. That should refine my list of no-no foods.
Tomorrow I go to my primary care physician for a blood pressure follow up. Of course the last time I saw her was pre-pregnancy and my blood pressure was totally normal. Now I'm on 3 different BP drugs--I'm hoping she doesn't have to refer to anyone else and we can start weening my meds away.
Other than the BP I finally feel mostly back to normal. I have lost all the Gus pregnancy weight and I am now solidly 8 pounds into the leftover Reese weight (although this am the scale said I was an extra 1.5 pounds into Reese weight). I actually put on some size 6 American Eagle jeans I was wearing the summer before Reese. I am hoping to get back to my pre-wedding weight by Christmas. I'm shooting for 18 more pounds in the next 4 months. That's only one pound a week with a an extra week and a half or so to make up for holiday food. I think it's actually a possibility. Woo hoo!! The secret is 2-3 quarts of water a day. Not only does it keep kidney stones away but it makes you way less hungry. So portion control is easier. (Though today I ate a little extra, since I drank my water mostly at night instead of pre-dinner, bad move.)


Anonymous said...

Heather, checkout my blog... Trying to loose weight, planning on running the RNR Seattle Marathon and Dieting... Will start posting menues with value

darnold23 said...

I hope you will join me for Crock Pot Wednesdays this week at Thanks for posting.