Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Fair

On Saturday we hit the Kitsap County Fair and Stampede. We got a funnel cake right off the bat of course! Then we walked around to check things out. Reese is in the height range 36''-42" that required a "responsible party" to ride with him. Mommy and Gus watched and took pictures while Daddy and Reese hit the rides.

We also checked out the animals, but didn't stumble upon the petting zoo until after it closed so we have no photos of animals. We saw sheep, cows, horses, bunnies, roosters and dogs and cats and parrots. We skipped the goats and pigs because Gus and I really weren't digging the smells. Then we had some philly cheesesteaks and a pigs ear for dessert.

Of course we also visited the businesses in the pavilion. I got a tote bag and signed up for free drawings from tupperware, pampered chef, window companies and I'm sure some other stuff too--oh yeah gutter companies---lots of leaf guard systems available.By the end pf the night we were beat! Reese had lots of fun and is excited for next year. He's thinking about bunnies with the 4H Club!