Wednesday, August 26, 2009

menu plan monday

oops I forgot to get this up in a timely fashion. I'll go ahead and do it late though since it's helps us stay more organized and helps keep us from eating out for lack of an idea what to do.

MONDAY: return of the glorious glorious butternut squash ravioli from costco (we bought 4 2 packs to stock in the freezer. We'll get more throughout fall to tide us over next Jan-Aug when it is not available because we love it so much!)
TUESDAY: Big Apple Diner with Kyle's relatives
WEDNESDAY: Low Sodium Zatarain's Jambalaya with turkey keilbasa and shrimp (ooh I see they have a new brown rice version we'll have to look for)
THURSDAY: Lasagna that we didn't get to last week because Kyle got sick and we substituted a homemade pasta fagioli variation instead. The lasagna will be no boil noodle, veggie and sausage lasagna. I'll post a recipe once I've made it.
FRIDAY: Ham Casserole
SATURDAY: leftovers
SUNDAY: leftovers

Check out more ideas here!

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anya* said...

so funny. i bought 2 2-packs of the ravioli last week, and when i got home i said to jer that i seriously should have bought 10. i am going to next time. it is my favorite thing costco has and the whole family devours it. we go through a whole 2 pack for one meal though, so i need more then you:)it is so good!! and for 10 bucks it is such a yummy simple meal for the family, i usually have a salad of some sort on the side.