Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gus is 4 weeks old!

On Friday the 24th Gus turned 4 weeks old!
He had a doctor appointment to check the proper healing of his circumcision. It looks great. He is now 7 pounds and 11 ounces! They didn't measure his length this time, but we go back in August for his 2 month check so we'll get length then.
Reese had watermelon for the first time and as you can see he REALLY liked it.
As for my saga. By Wednesday my BP was still not back to normal, but my OB is out all week so I called my perinatologist at the hypertension clinic at UW. He increased my atenolol from 25 mg to 100 mg per day. WOW--that's a huge dose! They said my heart rate could plummet as a result so watch for that and call them. Since Kyle works evenings the boys and I went to my mom's for babysitting---my heart rate did not drop but I did get to nap a little. My pain medicine did not take pain all the way away though. By the next day we decided to head back to the ER. The ER doc said it's likely the persistent pain is due to the stone getting lodged somewhere stuck where it's irritating a pain sensor. Friday the boys and I were home alone for the first time since Gus came home --- the first 2 weeks Kyle was off work. The first day back to work we went to my mom's then my dad came Tuesday-Monday and Monday we hit the ER. Tuesday Reese went to Kyle's mom's house, Wednesday we all went to my mom's, Thursday ER again--that was 4 whole weeks of never being alone until Gus' 4 week birthday. Tuesday I go to the urologist at 8am. So hopefully we'll have a solution by then. I left messages for my OB and perinatologist because even though I'm on 100mg of atenolol my BP is taying about 170/100. So hopefully one will call me back tomorrow with some kind of plan for that. By this time with Reese we were weaning my BP drugs not increasing them!
Then Wednesday is my GigiHill purse/totebag party! COme buy stuff and you can hold the baby!

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Wendy Ferrell said...

Gus is adorable!!! Two sweet little boys:) I'm really sorry you are having all these health problems though. I hate BP stuff. I hope it resolves itself soon (like it did after Reese was born).