Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Financial Plan

So after much thought and consideration we've decided to earmark Kyle's entire salary for the medical community. Sunday night my back really ached. I thought it must be from poor nursing posture. I sat against a heating pad for a bit before bed and went to sleep. The next day it was the same and then got worse and I felt mild nausea. Eventually I thought hmmm....I wonder if this is a kidney stone? Reese playing outside

Kyle and Reese had a hairdo so we decided he'd drop me off at the ER then go to the hairdo and my mom would meet them there to get the boys. They took about 50 minutes to get drugs on board which felt like forever, but they worked immediately and I felt much better. Off to the cat scan machine---I never had one before...very Stargate looking. Then I went back to my ER room (huge waive of nausea, but no vomiting) to wait for the results---they are digitally sent to the radiologist at Bremerton Harrison who calls my Silverdale ER doc with the results. The doc finally comes in to say I have a gravel pit in both kidneys. Apparently as kidney stones go I have an abnormal number of stones in each kidney. So he gave me a referral to a urologist. I'm supposed to try to catch the stone in strainer for testing. Depending on its composition there are things they can do to prevent future stones. SO---I'm all set to be discharged and the pain came back. I felt like it seems wrong to leave the ER still having pain, but I'm discharged so...we start to go and then the vomiting started. So of course my discharge dose of pain med is gone. Back to the room I went to wait for further instruction. Gus hanging out after his bath

They came back with a different anti nausea med and a nice high dose of pain med. I had to get a shot in my hip/butt muscle since it's a large volume of medicine---wow, my muscle still aches today. Off we went. Once we got home my mom brought the boys back. Poor Gus had to have 2 bottles of formula. I pumped as soon as I got home. I spent the rest of the evening in varying degrees of sleep/dozing. For some reason every time I nursed I woke up hunched over biting my tongue--so of course my tongue is a little sensitive today. Gus proceeded to nurse every 45 to 90 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG!!! This morning I fed him the 4 ounces I had pumped to give myself a chance to produce some new milk----I pretty sure there was not a drop left for the hungry hippo. They sent me home with pain killers I can take every 4-6 hours. Last night I took them every 6, but then this morning at 3 1/2 I couldn't wait any longer. This has never happened to me in the past. The 3 other kidney stones I've had never hurt again after leaving the hospital. So this is a bit disconcerting. The urologist that the ER doc insists I see in the next 2 days can't see me for 9 days---ugh!!! I can't really function that long with kidney stone pain. I'm going to try to see if there is another urologist group who can see me faster and get the ER doc to write me a new referrel. We shall see.

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