Friday, July 3, 2009

First Outing

Wednesday night Reese spent the night with Mimi so Thursday Gus had his first outing to Costco! He slept in his car seat carrier in the shopping cart for the whole trip. Not sure how we're going to work it when Reese goes too. I guess we won't be able to leave Gus in his carrier.
Gus at Costco 1st outing, 6 days old

Reese wants to hold Gus all the time. He likes to give him lots of kisses. Unfortunately he also gives forceful hugs and the occasional smack.

Reese is also very into going outside. He is constantly grabbing shoes to put on wanting to go bye-bye. He can put his slip on Vans by himself now. Then he is raring to go so you better be ready too.

The boys getting ready for bed. After holding Gus for awhile we read our book and Reese hit the sack.

And Gus demonstrated his new skill: shifting to his side for a more comfy sleeping position.
P.S. Gus lost his umbilical cord today while Kyle was changing his diaper.

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