Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend in Everett

It was my intention to post photos of us at the Mukilteo Lighthouse on Sunday. Once we opened the door to discover softball sized snowflakes I probably would've posted a photo of that too. As it turns out we neither saw the lighthouse, played in the snow, or got any photos on Sunday--Kyle's one day off. Instead I woke up with a horrible pain in my right mid-lower back. I tossed and turned and bemoaned the fact that while Reese was still sleeping I was wasting those precious sleep minutes with this stupid pain. I thought it was a muscle ache from a crappy hotel mattress. It's hard enough to be comfortable on our tempurpedic mattress at home with my tubby tummy, but on a yucky mattress it's impossible. It got progressively worse, I threw up a few times, I got in the shower to see if the hot water would help--it didn't--It started to spread around the front and got quite a bit of tightening.
I decided we had to go to the hospital. So everyone got up and ready with me maoning and groaning and demanding they move faster. Only to open the door to see the softball sized snowflakes. We battled the icy road and about 12 exits of road construction to get to UWMC. I went to the ER first figuring you can't just pop in to the ward you want and say Hi I want help. But she took one look at me and said "are you pregnant? they'll want you upstairs." So she wheeled me to the magic ER elevators that travel at warp speed without producing a tummy drop sensation to labor and delivery.
My c-section nurse was working and recognized me (and here I thought I was bloated beyond recognition back then--does that mean I look that bad now?) After what felt like 12 hundred years I answered all the question, managed to pee just barely enough for the lab to test and finally on the 3rd try got a successful IV in so I could have some fluid and some glorious drugs. IV narcotics are the most fabulous invention of modern times. I am so happy not to be a pioneer woman giving birth in a buggy on the Oregon Trail. Anyway--it was decided I have a kidney stone, which I've had twice before and both times it felt identical, this time it felt totally different so it never occurred to me it could be a kidney stone. While it was horrifically painful I was happy to discovery it was not a pregnancy related issue. I guess you just assume every pain is related to being pregnant when you are pregnant.
I had not planned to go to Everett since Kyle was supposed to work Sat and Sun but Friday AM Reese was so retched I decided I couldn't take it anymore and any bit of help would be welcome so we headed over to Everett Friday night. Wouldn't you know the turd was a PERFECT angel the entire weekend. I was so annoyed that now Kyle was available to help there was not a single meltdown, tantrum or bad behavior episode. Even the 45 minute ride to the hospital with me dying and moaning without having any breakfast or even a drink he was perfectly behaved. He spent 6 hours being good in the hospital except when Kyle tried to force him to lay down for a nap (he never did). So Now that we're home alone again we'll see if it continues. I was so glad I ended up deciding to go to Everett so we could go to UW. If I was at home I'd have been so more more stressed since I'd have been home alone with Reese and would have to go to the ER at my local hospital which is not equipped to deal with a 23 week pregnancy. I would have have been soooooooo much more stressed about that and them having to ship me elsewhere if it was a pregnancy problem. So as horrible as it was it actaully worked out quite well.
Here is a photo of his most recent antics: "I don't see what's the problem?"
He likes to move the kitchen stools all over so I didn't really think much of the ruckus, but when I came into the kitchen this is what I found. He positioned the stool how he wante dand climbed up (i think for the first time) to root around for what he wanted.

Two Wednesdays ago we went to stroytime at the library with John Paul. To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday they made Cat in the Hat hats. Reese no longer enjoys hat wearing so I was only able to capture this fleeting in motion photo.

Oh yeah since the hospital episode overshadowed the whole weekend I forgot to mentioned my husband declared that my tubby tummy had grown in the week since we saw him last. He said "wow, you're massive." Good thing I don't have some kind of complex, huh?

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Wendy Ferrell said...

I'm glad everything is okay. That is soooooo scary. And a trip to the ER during the snow too!