Tuesday, March 17, 2009


At this moment 3 years ago Kyle and I were showering and packing to leave at 3am for the airport for a 6 am flight. We had to leave so early since we drove ourselves and parked in an airport lot and shuttled in so we could keep our secret. We were headed to Vegas for a St. Patrick's Day wedding. We checked into the Mirage, changed into our wedding outfits and headed to a non-Elvis chapel--we let the cab driver pick. We waited in line for our license---honestly it's pretty involved I suspect it's not all that easy to get drunk and accidentally married in Vegas. Anyway by 4pm we were married at the Heavenly Bliss Wedding Chapel. About 5 months later we got pregnant and 6 months later Reese was born. Except for the first 11 months I've pretty much blogged our lives first on Reese's carepage at the hospital and then here, so you already know the rest of the story so far.


Wendy Ferrell said...

Congratulations!!! That's an exciting way to get married! Sometimes I think that is better than the big ceremony that it takes a whole year to plan!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary!