Thursday, March 12, 2009

This week's round of doctors

I am frustrated with the scanner so no photo, though really this ultrasound looks essentially the same. This week I went to the OB Tuesday and was advised that everything looked appropriate on the previous week's ultrasound, i.e. size and shape of all the expected organs and nothing unexpected like a second head sprouting due to the litter box duty I've had since Kyle's been working in Everett. I probably shouldn't announce Kyle's away, so for any psycho blog lurkers don't bother trying to ax murder us: I have a security system, the police station is about 1/3 mile away and even when I'm not a hormonal pregnant woman I really have no qualms about shooting you if you come in uninvited.
Back to baby stuff: Thursday I had my appointment with the UW Hypertension Clinic following another ultrasound. At this point it's still too early to get a weight estimate (which apparently is not all that accurate anyway), but they do measure length of everything. Today I was 22 weeks and 6 days, but the baby's average measurements are 23 weeks and 2 days. Yippee---maybe we will get a bigger than 2 pound baby this time. My cardiac output and blood pressure are staying between mid and high normal, so I don't have to start taking any BP meds yet. Very exciting. I go back for a BP check in 2 weeks, cardiac output and BP and glucose testing in 4 weeks, which will put us at the point I was admited to UW with Reese's pregnancy.

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