Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reese's New Joy

Last September I wanted to get ball pit balls for Reese's swimming pool. But then I thought it would be lame. At Holly Ridge (his therapy place) Reese played in the ball pit/swimming pool and loved it so off I went to buy the balls--they were nowhere to be found. Then when I finally found them they were double the price I recollected them being last fall so I didn't buy them. This week they were on clearance at WalMart so I nabbed them.Reese absolutely LOVES playing in them. They would have been well worth full price. I wish I bought them last September. His baby pool is almost too small now. This summer we'll need a bigger pool for him so next fall I'll probably need a second set of pit balls.

Reese is spending the night with Mimi and Poppop so we could go on a "date." We went to the Galaxy Uptown in Gig Harbor -- the engineer of that parking lot had better not have received a bonus. The spaces are only big enough for those dinky smart cars (even a prius was parked over the line) so practically every normal vehicle (in WA everyone has a BIG truck or suv or van) takes 2 spots. Anyway--annoying even when it's not freezing, rain. We saw I Love You, Man and it was hilarious. 2 thumbs up from both of us. Basically it's a chic flick for guys. And really how can you go wrong with the always adorable Paul Rudd? Totally worth the ridiculous night prices for 2 tickets ($19.50) plus the giant soda and popcorn ($11).

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Julie said...

John Paul is saying "Ball! Ball! Reese can i come and play?" So I added the question! Looks fun!