Friday, March 27, 2009

Pregnancy Update 25 Weeks

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant--according to What to Expect When You're Expecting this is midway through the 6th month. So far I've gained between 8 and 9 pounds--it fluctuates depending on how much ice cream I had the night before I weigh. When you saw my "bump" aka massive boulder you thought I'd already gained 25 pounds, didn't you? Today I had a quickie OB visit with just the nurse to check my blood pressure and pee in a cup. My BP was 126/72 and no problems with my urine. YIPPEE! When the baby stopped moving long enough to listen his heart rate was 156--I don't know what's the acceptable range but the nurse was happy with that result. My next appointment is April 7, but they said to stop in earlier to be checked if I start experiencing any preeclamsia symptoms. Of course with Reese I had no symptoms except swollen hands from 15 weeks on that they didn't consider a symptom since my BP was always good, so it seems like the symptom that matters is BP and mine is currently staying within acceptable range. The heartburn has begun. I'm thinking of calling UW to ask for them to prescribe the same thing they gave me when I was an inpatient because it worked good even while I was mostly laying down 24/7. The pain lower than my lower back, but higher than my butt totally went away after the kidney stone, but now it's back only milder and only sporadically. I'd prefer it never but I'm happy with the change. We've discovered those Crystal Light On the Go things which makes it way easier to drink a lot more water. I like the Raspberry Lemonade best. The peach tea tastes like Snapple only cheaper--I like that too. I still need a nap everyday and have ligament pains. My back aches occasionally, but my blood hound smell sensors have completely gone away---I'm okay with the trade off. So overall I'd say so far so good.

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Julie said...

I think you look super cute! and I am glad to hear that everything is going well.