Monday, March 30, 2009

Hard at Work

We specifically chose the Babylon Toddler High Chair from Argington because it's adjustable height would work for our high pub style kitchen table and the normal height dining room table. Originally I didn't buy the tray part because I intended Reese to sit at the table with us. But in the very beginning of sitting in the high chair days he wasn't very stable. Candy Gram was a bit traumatized when she came over and saw him tied to the chair with my bath robe belt, so she ordered the tray. We decided it was time for him to sit at the real table so off the tray must come which required some screw driver action. I was happy to do it myself but Reese would have none of it.

Notice the super concentration indicator, i.e. the tongue.
Adobe photoshop automatically fixes the red eye and sometimes it gets confused. It interpretted Reese's nostril as red eye and covered it with a big black fuzzy dot.
He was really getting into the screw drivering.
bummer, it's not working.Dad came in and informed us it's actually an allen wrench not a phillips head we need---I could have figured that out myself but I didn't really look at the screw to notice.

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