Thursday, March 5, 2009

More "BBB2" aka Benza Baby Boy 2

So just in case you were confused yesterday that was butt cheeks, 2 legs spread-eagle AND drum roll, please................boy parts in the middle.
Probably mostly everyone knows but I decided I am ready to post about it for everyone who may be still wondering. Even though I still very much want girl I'm done being terribly disgruntled about another boy. So here is another shot of the new boy.
I had my ultrasound Tuesday and get the "results" from my OB next Tuesday. They are looking for all the normal things: appropriate growth of fetus and placenta, appropriate blood flow to the fetus from the placenta, all the appropriate parts and bones and formations etc, etc. With Reese we had our ultrasound I think at about 18 weeks and that was it until I was already hospitalized and by then they were looking for inappropriate lack of growth. I was 21 1/2 weeks for this one and I have another at UW on Thursday, one day less than 23 weeks. So hopefully they will be able to spot any deterioration of the blood vessels in the placenta before this little guy is adversely affected. It's quite bizarre that at this point in Reese's pregnancy I was 7 weeks away from delivery.
I really want to stock my freezer with meals for after delivery but I don't want to put them in too early, but I don't want to miss my window of opportunity either.
Got any good freezer meal suggestions? I want to do nothing more than thaw and bake and maybe throw on a handful of cheese when it's time to eat these meals, so any good tips will be appreciated.


Wendy Ferrell said...

Congratulations!!!!! Reese will love having a baby brother! :)

The White House said...

well it's aabout time! you posted that. I AM excited for you because dos hermanos is awesome. This morning M & A played Duplos together. It was sooo cute!

JessieLeigh said...

Congratulations! Having two boys will be so much fun. I actually was kind of hoping for a second boy when I was pregnant with my little girl just because I thought they'd have so much fun together. Don't get me wrong- I enjoy having one of each- but I think it's going to be a blast enjoying your boys. :)