Sunday, January 11, 2009

weekend fun

This weekend we hung out with my friend Laura and her girls, Briar and Delaney (Reese's future bride). They had loads of fun at Red Robin then we hit the mall play place. Reese really liked squishing down in the boat. He headbutted Delaney and hit nearly every kid that came near him. He also gave hugs to a number of strangers. Hopefully these 2 phases will pass quickly.

Also this weekend Kyle's grandparents were finally able to make it up for Christmas after being snowed out over the holiday followed up by flooding. Reese still didn't get the unwrapping concept but he liked playing with his new toys and great-grandpa. He was a wild man! He had a pretty good time chasing the kitty, Lily too. But of course I failed to bring out my camera until the last minute---I have pregnant brain rot!

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