Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great Deals

Since I had a smidge of energy today Reese and I did some errands. Albertson's had chicken breast, pork chops and some kind of roasts for $1.88 per pound. We headed over to get some and found out the trucks couldn't make it over the pass since it's been closed due to snow, flooding, avalanche etc etc. SO, we got no meat for cheap. But Reese did discover he LOVES to shop out of the cart since he can touch EVERYTHING. Here he is making his selection.

He is in awe of his magnificent find. 3 for $1--we only bought the 2 that he threw around the store since last week he spit all the oranges out and I'm not a super fan, but I felt an obligation to buy the fruit he abused.
At home he's carrying his oranges around instead of helping put them away. Note he is also hanging onto his drum sticks.
See these cool little plastic tote baskets I found in the $1 bin at Target!!! They are made in China, probably by a 2 year old chinese girl given to the factory so her parents could try for a boy and filled to the brim with disgusting carcinogenic chemicals, but I love them and regret not buying MORE!
He really loved these oranges. They are beat to death. Thrown and dropped and rolled on the grocery store floor. Thrown and dropped on our floor. Thrown into the heater vent many times due to the cool noise it made. Bashed together like cymbals about a million times. I'm sure they'll be lovely when we peel them! He finally relinquished them to go to bed, but not a second before.oh yeah my last great deal of the day is to get Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan for FREE! $9.99 in the store right now.

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Melody said...

How cute is that! Isn't it funny how much we spend on stupid toys! I'm amazed at what silly things bring hours of enjoyment to my kiddos : )