Monday, January 19, 2009

Reese's Monday Shenanigans

Reese took his nap in his big boy room---only 1 hour---and woke up to immediately start drumming.
He likes to sit on the picnic table bench while he plays these days since the stool is still too high.
Later he investigated Daddy's carpentry activities through the vent in his floor. Eventually Daddy will finish his home improvement job and this will be closed up so Reese can't look through his floor into the basement.
But for now he finds it endlessly amusing to run and look every time he hears a drill sound or a nail being hammered. Notice the drum sticks to the left? He abandoned a performance to investigate a new sound emanating from the floor.
For the time being we're using my "Freshly Squeezed" quilt to cover the vent, but Reese flings it off so he can see.

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Julie said...

He is growing up fast!! Can't wait to see you guys again!