Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost Two

Wow I can't believe Reese is 23 months old today! On the one hand it seems impossible he's almost 2 years old, but on the other it seems like he's always been here.
He's practicing his big boy skills...mommy is even brave enough to give the boy his oatmeal in a Longaberger bowl.
We dropped the Nitro off last night to get the oil changed and something in the passenger seat fixed. So Mimi took us back to pick it up today and then we hit Joann's:

Reese seemed to want the boas,

but then he really wanted them off

and Michaels for some craft shopping.
cool pirate sword
and "whoa what is this on my head?" He wasn't really into the hats and they have so many cute ones! He had a fabulous time shopping, especially when he he got to get out of the cart at Target.

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