Monday, January 26, 2009


We had so many leftovers I feel like we made nothing on our list last week---we seriously ate the taste of home spanish rice casserole for like 3 days. And over the weekend we went to Red Lobster for Valentine's Day to avoid the February crowd--a spur of the moment decision, but we both wanted $25 meals so we decided to make it count for the holiday. So this week I think I'll plan less due to the abundance of leftovers--maybe I need to cut my recipes in half.

Monday: sloppy joes and we'll have salad later in the evening before our ice cream
Tuesday: jambalaya
Wednesday: OB appointment--leftovers
Thursday: Red Bean and Quinoa Chili
Friday: baked ziti -- I use Robin Miller's recipe from Quick Fix Meals cookbook, I think this link is the same basic recipe but I use ground sausage.
Saturday and Sunday: leftovers

So Kyle went to the grocery store to grab sour cream last week-- I fogot I needed it --- and came home with 4 Ben and Jerry's so now I am forced to eat ice cream every single night until it's gone! geez!
2 weeks ago I found green bell peppers on sale for $0.69 cents each so I bought a bunch and diced them and froze them in individual ziploc bags so they are ready to be thrown in recipes like the chili---yippeee!! So for this week the only thing I need to buy is ricotta for my ziti and I'll use my last package of penne (instead of ziti because I can't find it in whole wheat).

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