Friday, January 23, 2009

Currently Pre-eclampsia Free

I had my first appointment at UW Hypertension Clinic. In preparation I had to do a 12 hour urine collection---yippee!!! This is when you pee in the "hat" --- that kiddie toilet that fits over the seat --- then you pour it in a big jug that you have to refrigerate, you know, next to your food! FUN! Anyway my OB's office said my proteins were high....not to critical level but closing in. But today we discovered that they calculated my 12 hour collection as 24 hour resulting in elevated numbers. So, I have more protein than I should but WAY below critical. And my BP is still within acceptable range so no blood pressure meds for me (yet) YIPPEE!!
I had my cardiac output measured---they use an ultrasound with a wand that has like a roller ball on the end on your neck arteries. It measures how much blood is pumped thorugh each minute (cardiac output) and the amount of constriction of vessels (peripheral resistance). If either is higher than normal that causes high blood pressure. The high blood pressure causes cells from the liver, kidneys and placenta to "spill" into urine, hence the term "spilling protein" when you do the pee in a cup at every OB appointment. So my peripheral resistance is higher than it should be but my body is compensating by pumping the blood a little faster, which is what it's supposed to do to maintain normal function. For now that's okay. So I go back at 22 weeks for an ultrasound to verify no fetal growth restriction, which high BP causes (but the BP drugs can cause this too, so they want to wait until I really need them). So I'm all set for the next 7 weeks provided I have no high BPs or an increase in proteins. I go to my regular OB the 28th, but I have been checking my BP at home regularly in case anything changes in between appointments.

What's crazy is that I'm a week and a half past the halfway point of my pregnancy with Reese, weird! If this baby comes the same as Reese it would be April 24 instead of July 10. That's crazy soon!!!

While I was at UW, Reese got another hair cut with Daddy. Apparently he was much more "active" in the chair than the last 3 times.

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Julie said...

Glad to hear it! When do find out the sex of the baby?