Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr. Independent

Reese really wants to do everything by himself now. He wants his own, metal fork---no plastic baby fork will do, and he must hold it himself or he doesn't want to eat. He likes to drink out of our drink container (glass, coffee mug whatever). He used to let us help hold it so it didn't spill everywhere, but now he demands to hold it solo. He is constantly pushing my hand away if I am touching anything he's playing with or holding him on my lap at the computer (he'd rather slide down than have me holding on) or if I'm keeping a hand at the ready to catch him from falling off the bed or couch.
Here I caught him playing with a car at his picnic table because I realized he was playing in his room and I couldn't hear anything--uh oh! But he was not up to no good, he was very nicely playing independently. I got my turbo tax almost completely filled out while he played!!!

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