Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A "Whale" of a Day

Reese was a cutie patootie in his whale sweater from CandyGram.

We started the day at Little Tykes play group--this is his "specialized training" through our early intervention services---essentially it's structured play.Then we hit quiznos for lunch and got Reese's flu shot. We headed home where Mommy and Reese took a nap and Daddy played his new obsession, WOW. After Daddy went to work Reese and Mom stopped to play with Baby Austin and Matthew. oops I just went to make a link to their blog and realized she changed it to by invite only, so you don't get to see Austin and Matthew. Now that I've caught up on my blogs I am off to empty my Tivo--Jon and Kate, House and Without a Trace are waiting for me.

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