Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Strating off a Hectic Week

We started the day off by going to the dentist! Reese found it much less enjoyable than his first visit 6 months ago. he has one molar mostly in and 3 others coming in. I think the tooth brushing part aggravated his swollen gums because one bled a bit. In this shot he's getting fluoride applied and you can see due the wide mouthed scream that his upper left molar is almost completely in.
After the trauma and abuse ended he was perfectly happy to check out their equipment.
Then we went to the park with my friend and her kids. Reese went on the slide.
This looks interesting.

He's not super keen on the swing.

After this he mostly just sat on my lap and flirted with my friend. He sometimes watched what the bigger kids were doing. I don't think he really was terribly excited about the park. But he likes being outside so I don't think he disliked it. Tomorrow is flu shot day...can't wait.

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