Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Monday already?!?!?

Last week we had SO many leftovers that I did not make everything we planned. Since Reese had viral throat infection similar to strep that comes with a fluids and rest treatment plan (104.9 fever was the max and we got slowly better from there) I made a HUGE batch of chicken noodle soup. Modified from Kyle's mom's Oregon Cookbook. I put my recipe at the very bottom of the blog. I thought I could create a link but apparently I can't.

MONDAY: teriyaki chicken, brown rice, peas
TUESDAY: meatloaf "muffins" and a jolly green giant bag of mixed broccoli/cauliflower. I saw this on Rachel Ray once so I investigated and decided to make meatloaf however I feel like and then cook individual portions in a muffin pan. I will use RR's tip to pt veggies in a food processor to make tiny pieces (celery, bell pepper, zuccini, tomato)--trying to use up my garden tomatoes before they rot---I planted SOOO many!!
WEDNESDAY: chili--I use white, black and red beans, ground turkey, onion, corn, tomatoes, bell pepper, v8 juice and/or tomatoe sauce, tons of ground cumin, chili powder
THURSDAY: enchiladas--chicken and cheese I use the El Paso can of enchilada sauce and use their recipe but substitue chicken for the ground beef. Something about ground beef enchiladas just tastes yucky to me.
FRIDAY: leftovers
SATURDAY: homemade pizza
SUNDAY: big ole fat pork RIBS!!! mashed potatoes--little reds mashed with sour cream a la Rachel Ray, green beans.

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