Friday, October 10, 2008

Play Place at The Mall

We met up with Amy and her boys, Matthew and Austin, at the play place in Silverdale Mall. It was absolutely jam packed. WAY too many big kids. I mean really people this is a little kid play area. 4th graders should be on a regular playground not in the toddler play area. BUT what are you gonna do? We witnessed a throw down between 2 parents. Serious potty mouth was screeched at the top of one of their mouths. Security was called and Ms. Potty Mouth was provided with a brochure which I guess included the rules of appropriate conduct in a children's public area. I remember wanting to just die every time my dad stopped and told a group of guys "this is a family place so watch your mouth." But of course now I'm thinking what is wrong with people that need to be told not to act so trashy in front of other people's kids.

So I don't know what is wrong with this bermuda triangle of photography but all play place photos come out kind of shakey -- it's weird. Amy's were all blurry too. This is Reese navigating all the giant kids that bumped him to play in the submarine.

This is Matthew trying to escape his mommy's clutches--this is on the sideline so the photo was clear. After play place we kicked around in Barnes and Noble for awhile. Reese sat at the table with another little kid while I made a Christmas list of book desires for his collection.

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