Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jon Bonham better step aside

......okay so I think Bonham may be dead, but if he was alive he had better watch out for my little drummer boy. Reese's new favorite thing is to take a stainless steel pot lid around to various locations in the house and drum on it with 2 spatulas or wooden spoons. So my brother, Dylan, set up a mini kit for Reese in their garage. He has a drum and a cymbal of his own so he can jam with Uncle Dylan, drummer of the soon to be catapulted to rock stardom, Velvet Noiz (spelling to be determined--actually they may not have really chosen this name but it was my suggestion so I'm voting for it).
This is a 2 minute long video--I know it's too long, but I haven't mastered the perfect 15 second shot yet.

Here are some still photos as well if you don't feel like watching the whole 2 minutes.

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The White House said...

oh that is just the cutest video! nice job reese! you'll have to show matthew how to do that next time we go to your granny's house. he's never played the drums before. :-)