Saturday, October 4, 2008

out for pizza

Kyle made it home from San Diego and we got a few things done at home over the weekend. On Monday he started on 5:30pm-6am at Bangor, so Reese and I have been house bound (no car.) He was kind of punky Monday, but perked up when Mimi visited. Tuesday he was flat out yucky attitude, horrible sleeper. When his temp hit 104.9 on Wednesday am I figured we better go in to the doctor. He had swollen lymph nodes and pus filled yuckiness in his throat. They did a strep test and it was negative, so treatment is fluids, rest, and tylenol/ibuprofen. yipee for modern medicine.
He was feeling much better on Friday night. Since Candy Gram and Grandad were out of town they let Kyle use one of their vehicles to go to work, so Reese and I had wheels!! We headed out to Godfather's Pizza with Mimi and Uncle Dylan.

Reese rode the race car for the first time. Here he is with Uncle Dylan.

He also rode the merry go round thingy. For my fellow Teletech folks there's a blast from the past in the background. Remember Shawna Ewing. She married Matt Berry from NWW. Well they are still together and had a little girl named Erica who just turned 2. So I guess all of us naysayers were wrong--they seem to be doing well.

Finally sitting down to eat some pizza and monkey bread.

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