Monday, April 26, 2010

Gus is 10 months old

This is what happens when Daddy tries to take a shower. You'd think the man ran away forever. Seriously, it is pathetic. But this boy is also not a fan of being in the shower and we can't always wait for nap time you know? He is a fan of trying to grab and slobber on my camera. Just ignore my ridiculous baby talking at him.

I can not believe our sweet boy is 10 months old already! It has gone by so incredibly fast. Seriously faster than it seemed with Reese. Gus is a lightening fast crawler now. He is trying really hard to pull himself up to his feet but so far is only able to get to his knees. He frequently sits on his knees with his hands up to me to be picked up. It always reminds me of Platoon. He is super sweet. He loves whatever his brother is playing with. Of course, Reese is quick to rescue any of his toys and shriek "NO EAT!" He is enjoying trying table foods each day and is quite a good eater. So far he does not enjoy any green baby food, but was happy to chomp on a real asparagus spear. He is definitely a Mama's boy most of the time, but is definitely getting more attached to Daddy (when it suits him of course). Is very interested in checking out new faces. Of course he gets lots of oohs and ahhs when we are out in public. Every time we are out someone (or 2) stops us to talk to the cute boy. He drops he head and lifts his eyes to check them out. He is one sweet boy. We love him so much!

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JessieLeigh said...

Aw, so sweet! I can't believe it's been ten months! Seems like only yesterday we were comparing pregnant bellies... :)

My G. doesn't crawl- she just scootches on her bottom everywhere. She can pull up in her crib or playpen, but not the coffee table, etc. It's so amazing to watch them grow so fast!

Looks like Gus was easy to distract away once you started talking to him- that's good! He looks like such a sweet boy.