Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Easter morning we woke up to discover that Reese is now able to climb into his chair unassisted. (He uses his Argington chair at our high-top kitchen table.) This is what he found from the Easter bunny:
Reese is really happy with his Step 1 books. He repeats most of the story since it's broken down into nice easy sentences. I'm really happy I decided to get some of these. I think they'll help with speech development a lot.
Surprisingly he was waiting patiently before eating anything. He was pretty happy to get the go ahead on the m&ms.
Then we headed outside to hunt for treat filled eggs.
These Buzz Lightyear eggs were Reese's favorite.
He was very happy to discover that all the eggs were filled with treats.
Then we headed out to Fujiyama's Japanese Steak House for dinner with Granddad and Gigi (Kyle's parents) and Mimi (my mom) and Uncle Dylan. It was YUMMY! Since both grandmas had to work on Easter Sunday we decided it was easier to just go out to eat and it was a hit. We will definitely go time sans baby.

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