Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st School Project

Reese had to do his first school project--a poster board house with his story. Family, favorite toys, food, color, etc. He doesn't really have a favorite color yet or food, so his is family and what he likes to do.Here he is pointing out his name starts with the letter "R"
He is sharing with his teacher who everyone in his family is. Of course he whispers so she has to tell the class. Then we have a show of hands who also has a baby brother, etc etc.
He's pretty proud of his presentation. Now the poster will hang in his class for the rest of the year.


Joyce said...

Cool poster, Reese. Good work.

Susana said...

Bless his heart--this is so sweet Heather. He did a great job! I know you are so proud of him.

I've been reading lots and lots of posts on your blog tonight. Your family is so, so fun! You have so many fun, funny, sweet and special family memories on your blog. I have truly enjoyed everything I've read.