Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9 month Comparison

So now that Gus is closing in on 10 months I've finally compiled our 9month comparison stats. There is just never enough time! I think I'll do this again at one year, but I'll collect everyone else's in advance of Gus' birthday.
Gus 15 pounds 6 ounces; 27 1/4 inches (9 months and 5 days)

Reese 15 pounds, 27 inches (9 months and 13 days)

hmmm......so Gus is a teeny tiny bit bigger than Reese without accounting for the 11 weeks prematurity. Of course Reese was formula fed preemie formula..the normal mix PLUS 3/4 of a scoop, so he was always on mega calories. As a point of reference Kyle was 15 pounds, 27 inches at 4 months. Yes my children took an extra 5 months to reach that size...I think my hubby was an elephant!

Reese was crawling a bit later than Gus, but not by too much. I really think they look pretty similar:
This is another shot of Reese at 9ish months.

This is me, at less than 9 months. At the time I started typing this post this was the only photo I had of me and since it's a cute one I'm going to leave it in. :)

SO how do our 9 month stats compare? I was going to show photos to see if you could guess who's who, but seriously the 70s are hard to miss.
  1. Kyle: 21 pounds 1 oz. 30 3/4 inches at 9 1/2 months
  2. Heather: 15 pounds 13 oz. 28 inches at 8 1/2 months
  3. my brother Travis: 23 pounds 30 inches at 8 3/4 months
  4. my brother Dylan: 21 1/2 pounds 28 inches at 9 1/2 months
  5. Reese: 15 pounds 27 inches at 9 1/2 months
  6. Gus: 15 pounds 6 oz. 27 1/4 inches at 9 months
Surprisingly Dylan was heavier than Kyle. But Dylan was close to 3 inches shorter...I guess that explains why he was looked like a butterball, seriously he had enough meat to feed a small country. It does alarm me slightly that I was heavier and longer than both of my children at a younger age. I really hope my sons are not shrimpy. I did what I could to offset my shorty genes. I was hoping Kyle's height genes would be a little stronger.

These have nothing to do with 9 months but I'm throwing them in for comparison.
Travis at 3 1/2 months
Dylan at 4 months and Travis 2+
When I'm holding the photos in my hands the pumpkin looks similar to Reese and Dylan looks similar to Gus. But on the computer they both look similar to Gus to me.
But really I think Reese and Gus look very similar to each other and not too much like Kyle or I at the same age.


MoDLin said...

What a cute idea to put up all the old photos and compare. Thanks for the fun. The good news is that your boys both look healthy and happy.

Julie said...

I think Travis at 2 is a dead ringer for Reese!! Wow! Great photos.