Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gus' 9 month well baby visit

Gus had his 9 month old well baby visit. He weighs a whopping 15 pounds 6 ounces which translates to...wait for it...3rd percentile, just like his brother. Ha ha...except at this age Reese was actually -something percentile. He is 50th percentile for height at 27 1/4 inches, but I think his shoulders may have been slightly hunched. I think he is a smidge taller.
Technically he is borderline on his gross motor and communication skills (actually he could get referrals) but she said watching him during the appointment he seems just fine. It's a fluke of the questions that messed him up. For example, if you ask for him to give you his toy he does not hold it out for you and there were a few other things. But he crawls like a champ and that is no longer considered a milestone since lots of babies fail to crawl since the "back to sleep" campaign has kept them from having adequate tummy time. So she thinks he really is fine--just channeling his energies to other things. So he is a skinny minnie (the pediatrician always says "like his mother" which I think is hilarious since I feel like a blimp still), but growing on a steady curve.
He got his Easter basket from Mimi today.
He grabbed that chocolate bunny right away. I don't think he realizes the innards are way more tasty than cardboard packaging...which is good because Mommy intends to eat it. I'm considering sharing with Daddy, but I'm not for sure yet.
His Easter basket is actually a pail with shovels and such. It was also stuffed with a COW! Ha ha! Though the traditional white with black markings cow is not really an angus cow it has become our theme...non-farming types don't even realize our error.
His summer outfit came from Mimi for Easter....though winter has finally arrived today so I don't think he'll be wearing this on Easter.

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